Conference Agenda

Thursday, September 12, 2019


ESS Exchange Meetings

Meet one-on-one with our Gold and Platinum partners! These quick meetings are a great way to connect with the industry leaders you've been wanting to meet. 15-minute time slots are available, please contact to schedule.


Continental Breakfast


Welcome to the 7th Annual Extreme Sales Summit

Be in your seat and ready to be impressed. The program officially kicks off with an enthusiastic "Hello" from Tony Mancini, Principal of SGC Horizon, Publisher of Professional Remodeler Magazine.

Joy Kilgore, President of EBA PRIME, will present an overview of your day and will join Tony in hosting you throughout the conference.


The Art of Speed Selling

Brian Gottlieb
Owner, Tundraland Home Improvements

The more time someone spends making a sale, the less time they spend making more. In markets where demand is up (or consistent) and labor is down, a streamlined sales process is paramount to maintaining a constant workflow—especially for exterior replacement contractors. In a lot of ways, speed has become more important than price. In The Art of Speed Selling, Brian Gottlieb explains what it takes to fine tune your sales process.


What Tesla Gets Right

Mark Richardson
Author & Industry Advisor

When remodeling industry veteran Mark Richardson bought a Tesla, it wasn't the first he'd heard of the company's unique sales process, but it was his first time seeing it up close. He was convinced. In What Tesla Gets Right, Richardson explains not only how the car company is changing the sales game, but how remodelers can benefit from it.


Breakout Sessions — Customize Your Conference

You have options! The breakout sessions are short, so find a seat quickly. You will gain valuable insights from industry leaders who are stand-out experts in their fields. Don't miss this chance to get your questions answered on your choice of topics.


Take a Break

Grab a snack and chat with our amazing Extreme Sales Summit Partners. They are here to help you find solutions to your everyday challenges.


Your Remodeling Industry

Kermit Baker
Senior Research Fellow, Joint Center for Housing Studies

Nearing 2020, remodeling spending is still growing, demand remains strong, but there is a crippling labor shortage, home prices are unaffordable, new construction has slowed tremendously, tariffs are creating uncertainty, etc.—point is, it's a confusing market. In Your Remodeling Industry, Kermit Baker explains the health and possible future of residential remodeling in only a way a Harvard researcher could.


Tomorrow's Tech Tools and Tricks

Bill Millholland
Executive Vice-President, Case Design/Remodeling

It use to be that a tablet was enough to impress clients. That's no longer the case. Homeowners today expect the same sort of tech-heavy, streamlined tools and processes they find in every other industry. In Tomorrow's Tech Tools and Tricks, Bill Millholland introduces what's available to remodelers, from visualization to communication tools, including satellite technologies, and more, all designed to improve the sales process while upping the "wow" factor.


Lunch on Your Own


The Future Consumer

Jim Armstrong
Account Executive, Home & Consumer Services, Google

There are few companies that understand consumer habits as well as Google–maybe none. In The Future Consumer, Jim Armstrong draws from his knowledge as a Google insider to describe how the sales process, and remodeling as a whole, will change as a result of a number of current trends and developments, such as changing demographics, the wealth transfer effect, and the growing importance of price transparency.


A Remodeler's Rise

Vince Nardo
President, Reborn Cabinets

In 1983, Vince Nardo started a business refacing cabinets with nothing but a workshop and a $300 table saw. By the decade's end, Reborn Cabinets had fully taken shape, filling three separate locations. Today, the company operates in multiple states, across multiple verticals, including kitchen and bath remodeling. A Remodeler's Rise is the story of how Nardo made it happen.


Take a Break

Grab a snack and chat with our amazing conference partners. Learn about new products and how they can make your life easier.


A Sales Comparison: Design Build and Exterior Replacement

Panel Discussions

How you sell a kitchen remodel is far different than how you sell new siding—same for a new roof vs. a new bathroom, outdoor living space vs. an addition, and so on. But rather than just focusing on how they're different, in this sales comparison a two-person panel of experts compares how they're alike and more importantly, what one can learn from the other.


2019 Extreme Sales Awards and Reception

Who will be recognized as an Extreme Salesperson? After months of searching, we will announce those chosen for this prestigious award. Winners will be recognized for their outstanding contributions, accomplishments and leadership in their respective companies and in our industry. Congratulations are in order!

Everyone is invited to stay for the reception in recognition of our outstanding winners of the 2019 Extreme Sales Awards. Use this opportunity to congratulate the winners and to celebrate your own contributions to the industry. Everyone's a winner!

Friday, September 13, 2019


Continental Breakfast


Kick-off Day 2


Selling with Logic (and Mastering the One-Stop Close)

JD Diskin
Chief Sales Officer, Power Home Remodeling

Power Home Remodeling Group is one of the most proficient sellers in the exterior replacement business, and in remodeling overall. They operate in multiple states and across dozens of markets, and with demand building, it's important for their salespeople to not only close on the first visit but also sell the homeowner on more than the inspiration of the project (which can dissipate when the salesperson leaves and the homeowner is left staring at the numbers). They need to be sold on the logic of it. J.D. Diskin draws on his experience as Power's chief sales officer in Selling with Logic (and Mastering the One-Stop Close) to pass on lessons he's seen work firsthand.


Closing the Close Ones with Financing

Jacquelyn Martin
Director of Sales, Thompson Creek Window Company

A lot of homeowners want to remodel—many need to remodel, in fact—but don't have the money to pay for it upfront. Financing is one of, if not the most realistic avenue for those homeowner's to stretch out the costs, so that they can move forward with their plans. In Closing the Close Ones with Financing, Jacquelyn Martin explains how your business can use financing to increase both close rates and average sales.



Break time is for refreshments, friendships and showing your appreciation to our Extreme Sales Summit Partners! Take a minute to thank each one for making this event possible!


Identifying Strengths, and Weaknesses

Jeff Miller
Founder and CEO, Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance

The science of profiling has become mainstream, making its way into business big and small, across all variety of industries. In Identifying Strengths, and Weaknesses, profiling expert Jeff Miller explains how leveraging personality profiling can improve the effectiveness of your sales team.


Crafting a Top-Class Sales Culture

Chip Doyle
Owner, Sandler Training

"Culture" is a buzz word for a reason—it's something today's job seekers are looking for, especially top candidates. Chip Doyle is a seasoned sales trainer and in Crafting a Top-Class Sales Culture, he breaks down what it takes to build a sales culture to rival any in the industry.


Wrap Up of the 2019 Extreme Sales Summit

As we close another outstanding Extreme Sales Summit, join us for final words and highlights of our time together. Your attendance and participation mean so much.

We know you have many options of how you spend your days. Thank you for choosing to spend these days with us!

Have a safe trip home. We'll see you next year!