TUESDAY, SEPT. 19, 2017


Tony Mancini, Group Director, Professional Remodeler and
Joy Kilgore, President, EBA PRIME

Take your seat and get ready for this year’s Summit! The conference kicks off with an enthusiastic “Hello” from Tony Mancini and Joy Kilgore, your hosts for the next two days.


What’s your UBER?
Tom Morrison, CEO of Management, Metal Treating Institute
Over the last 5 years, disruption has transformed the taxi, real estate, publishing, and music industries. It happened fast, and no one saw it coming. In this session, Tom Morrison will look at forms of disruption that are likely to create havoc in other industries, and he’ll suggest ways to keep from being caught unawares by whatever Uber-like trend is poised to transform the remodeling industry.


Training for the Future
Dave Mattson, CEO and President, Sandler Training
In sales, training is key to success, but to be effective, training has to adapt to and address changes in the marketplace. In this presentation Sandler Training president, Dave Mattson, explores the most significant changes, including new technologies, demographic shifts, and the buying experience itself, and suggests ways to ensure that your training is keeping up with a constantly shifting business environment.


Take a quick break. Grab refreshment and visit a few of our partners. But hurry back, Bill Millholland is up next!


Sales Tools of the Future
Bill Millholland, Executive Vice President, Case Design/Remodel
Not too long ago, a hand-sketched color rendering was a real enhancement to the sales process. These days it’s a non-starter. In this session, architecturally trained sales executive Bill Millholland will look at tools like 3-D modeling, drones, and virtual reality apps that are transforming the consumers’ buying experience.


Fast Pitch Lunch
Vendors will have just two minutes to pitch their product to your table. Network with your peers as you decide who pitches best! Lunch includes a gourmet sandwich, pasta salad, chips, fruit, dessert and drink. Make sure to reserve your ticket when you register!


The Digital Sales Journey
Kristina Ferrigan, Head of Marketing, Normandy Remodeling
The path most consumers follow when purchasing remodeling services begins online. In this session, Normandy Remodeling’s director of marketing, Kristina Ferrigan, will look at how a “personal brand” can help you successfully compete for attention in the digital marketplace, enhance your reputation as a reliable source, and improve the quality of your leads and your close rate.


Online Selling
Dale Thornberry, CEO, Remote Sales Force
Today, a consumer’s buying journey that begins online is often abandoned online as well.It doesn’t have to be that way, according to Dale Thornberry, and he’s in a position to know. Dale walks us through his decade-long experience as an innovator in the development of digital measuring tools to his present-day effort to create an online sales experience that is poised to transform the way people buy remodeling.


Take another quick break. Stretch your legs and visit three more of our outstanding partners.


The Future of Sales
Panelists: Dale Thornberry; Melissa Kennedy, VP Design / Sales, Meadowlark Builders; Vin Gerrior, Director of Sales, Thompson Creek Windows Co.; and Brian Gottlieb, President, Tundraland Home Improvements
Professional Remodeler’s Senior Contributing Editor, Jim Cory, moderates a lively discussion around the challenges today’s sales managers and sales teams are facing. Audience participation is strongly encouraged as the panel explores the landscape of changing consumer demographics and buying habits, digital sales tools, sales strategies, and training methods and means.




Extreme Sales Awards Dinner
Must pre-register for this event. All great traditions have to start somewhere. Join us as we introduce the first annual Extreme Sales Awards, recognizing outstanding achievement in Kitchen and Bath, Design-Build, and Home Improvement sales. Awards will be given in several categories, including Rookie of the Year and Rising Stars, culminating in the Extreme Sales Person of the Year Award. Bring your whole team for an evening of celebration and inspiration.



The Consumer of the Future
Michael Lee, multicultural diversity expert
In a growing marketplace of more than 80 million multi-cultural Americans, one size does not fit all. In this presentation, noted ethnic diversity expert Michael Lee will explore how buying habits and sales strategies are affected by differences in ways of thinking and behaving among people of different ethnicities, including Europeans, Hispanics, Asians, Middle Easterners, African Americans, and others.


Rehydrate, refuel and gear up for our last presentation of the conference!


Transformative Trends
Sal Alfano, Director of Content, Professional Remodeler
The world of remodeling is changing fast and in ways that might surprise you. Things that not long ago seemed like pure science fiction - think self-driving cars, delivery by drone, and smart glasses - are starting to appear in the real world. This session takes a quick look at a variety of products, technologies, and business models that are poised to turn the remodeling industry upside down. If it isn't already happening, it will be, and soon. 


Future Spec
Nigel F. Maynard, Editor-in-Chief, PRODUCTS and NKBA magazines
You specify products everyday in your business, but is there a method to the madness? Offering your clients the right option can help boost profits and create a marketing niche that can separate you from your competitors.  


Are You Ready for the Future?
Mark Richardson, author, business advisor, and industry consultant
Technology is changing the way remodelers bring their services to market and the way consumers shop for and buy those services. To be competitive, remodelers need to adopt technology and adapt their systems. That said, industry consultant and business coach Mark Richardson cautions that selling is still about people, and argues that it’s more important than ever to balance high-tech tools with “high-touch” tools like phone calls and face-to-face meetings that build rapport and trust into our interactions with prospects and clients.